We All Need Some Grace

Ever since I got back to every day life and reality has had time to set back in from vacation mode, I realize I’m already starting to get down on myself. “School is right around the corner and there is so much that needs to be done. Meal planning, school clothes shopping, organize the kids’ clothes, organize the pantry, get the garage in order, and I’m sure tons of other things that need to happen!” Yes, these were all of the thoughts running through me head about 5:30 this morning. That would make anyone go crazy, right?

Well I’m glad I can realize when old habits creep in and I have the power to not let those old things take over my life. I’m not in control of everything around me, but I am in control of myself and how I choose to go into the new school year. I’m in control of how I spend my time each day and whether I should spend time worrying or spend my time in a more productive manner.

I feel that some people think the more stressed out you are (and the more public you are about it!) means you are more productive. I believe the contrary to be true. When you are busy getting things done, you don’t have time to complain about how busy you are!

None of us are perfect here! We all need a little patience and a whole lotta grace!


Way Out of Whack

Don’t you just love how the long holiday weekends can totally throw you for a loop? Being out of town since last Friday has definitely played a number on our schedule! But now we are back and it’s time to get back into the swing of things! 

I hope your productivity increases today (as I pray mine does too) and we all get back into our routines as quickly as possible. Good luck everyone…

Just Show Up

Half of the daily battle, or the “daily grind,” is just showing up. If you wake up and don’t hit the snooze button today, you’re ahead of the curve! If you got up and went to work, school, took care of your family, or simply did something productive, you are already heading in the right direction.

This idea may frustrate some people who have high expectations and are usually highly-motivated individuals ([hand raised] ME!), but the truth is as long as we keep putting one foot in front of the other each day, then we are still making progress.

“But what about determination? What about goals? What about being the absolute best?”  Yes, these are questions that slip into my subconscious all of the time. But there are some things that can only be measured when we look in the mirror.

Let me give you an example: Are you being the best parent you can be? Well, it’s unfair to compare to someone else’s parenting because their situation is probably different than yours. However, we can take a look at how we have parented in the past and see if we have made any improvements. Are we spending quality time with the kids? Are we there for them when they need us? Or are we not even showing up?

You may think you’re just treading water, but I promise you if you’re showing up to do the job, to parent the kids, and to be the spouse you want to be, you’re already winning the battle. The people that don’t show up, well, those people aren’t even giving themselves a chance at living their own life.

Routine, Routine, Routine

I used to laugh at people that had to do things a certain way, at a certain time, or in a certain order. Who needs that much structure in life? Where’s the spontaneity? Where’s the “figuring it out as you go along?”

Well, that all changed when I decided it was time to grow up! It wasn’t just about being a parent, although I do think routine and structure tremendously help children and their behavior. Routine has more to do with mitigating risks, overcoming bad habits, and creating new productive habits. Let me explain.

Risks associated with not having a routine: 

  • Being late = losing a job
  • Being bored = finding destructive ways to entertain yourself
  • Being unproductive/less productive = not living up to your potential (complacency)

Overcoming bad habits:

  • Having the ability to replace bad habits with good ones, but this must be done intentionally
  • Seeing how much the destructive habits impact your life 
  • Deciding you are sick and tired of being sick and tired

Creating new productive habits:

  • Taking the time to try new habits you think you will enjoy
  • Giving yourself daily goals to meet (Even if that is just being sober for today!)
  • Figuring out who you want to be and creating habits to get you there

I know these aren’t groundbreaking ideas on how to be successful and happy in life, but they are definitely ideas that have helped to shape my daily routine. Drop all of the useless garbage from your life that’s holding you in the same destructive cycle. Break free from the “same ol’ thing” every day. Create a routine that can make you better tomorrow than you were today.