Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hello friends! I’m so happy to be back with you today after a week of travelling. I was in another country for a dear friend of mine’s wedding. While we were gone, my husband and I had time to reflect upon many things in our lives.

One of the more notable mentions is the fact that we weren’t 100% ready for a wedding/party type atmosphere. We were in a country in South America where the liquor and beer flows freely during any kind of celebration. My friend’s family in particular likes indulging in drinks just as much as any American family.

We didn’t even think (or I guess I should say I didn’t think) about the rehearsal dinner and the reception being that much of an issue. But then they brought out the serving trays of beer and shots that kept rounding our noses every few minutes. (I mean, the waitresses were really doing their jobs in making totally sure we really┬ádidn’t want any.)

We tried to find the just the right amount of time between staying at the party and not being rude by leaving too early. Finally, we had all of the water our bladders could handle and enough temptation to feel like we’re playing with fire.

We left the party early as well as the wedding reception because we had served our purpose. We were there to celebrate our friend’s wedding, meet the people important to her, and enjoy the party. We were not meant to linger around tempting fate to see how long we could really stay before one of us accidentally drank the champagne sitting right next to our water glass.

We made it! We did it! We grow stronger every time we venture out to another uncomfortable social atmosphere and I’m proud of us. My husband even salsa danced with me…SOBER! I feel more in love with him at that very moment!



Some Days It’s Just Not that Easy

This has been mentioned before, but my husband often travels for work. Usually, he isn’t traveling with the same people every single time. This time he is with new people he hasn’t gone anywhere with before. I’m sure it’s nice to change it up from time to time, but it also must be a little uncomfortable to be in the dinner situation where you wonder if people are going to be ordering shots of tequila, a draft beer, or a water with lemon. (Maybe that’s just me and my mind that wonders these things.)

But it’s funny when he calls me and we discuss these things. He tells me dinner was fine and it didn’t make him uncomfortable to have to sit at the bar due to limited seating in the dining area.

He also told me that after they were finished with dinner, him and the colleagues that were staying at the same hotel as him made a trip to Walmart to pass time and pick up a few essentials. The two other guys that we were with my husband decided that grabbing a 6-pack and splitting it at the hotel seemed like a great way to relax and unwind from a long day of travel and planning their work strategy for the next few days.

My husband and I found this hilarious and unsettling all at the same time.

“Is that how normal people really drink? Two grown men sharing a 6-pack of beer and then drifting off to sleep at a reasonable hour?” I questioned my husband as he recalls walking the water aisle to pick up his 6-pack of sparkling water. (It’s our new thing┬álately.) We both snickered at this thought and then I proceeded to bring a dose of reality to both of us by saying, “We probably would have grabbed two cases of beer, held it out and asked, ‘Do you think this enough for one night?’ And then called in the next day because we just weren’t feeling good, but really we were dying from the hangover that wouldn’t quit.” (Yes, obviously we have issues.)

In retrospect, I’m reminded how grateful I am that we know people who can be responsible adults and show other people in society how to properly enjoy an adult beverage every now and then. Unfortunately but also thankfully, my hubby and I are not those people. Keep it up responsible people.