Oversleeping at Its’ Finest

“Oh crap!” We’ve all been there. We woke up late, didn’t hear the alarm going off, and jumped out of bed in a frenzy! Trying to get dressed and/or take a quick shower while not completely aware of your surroundings can be dangerous. (Especially for people like me who tend to be on the more clumsy side of the spectrum!)

But waking up late doesn’t have to set this plan in motion for the rest of the day to be totally awful! You can recover from the bad start to the day, but you have to have to put in the effort to make it better.

Why do you think I’m writing about this today? I overslept this morning and am already behind my normal schedule. My immediate thought was to be really pissed that I snoozed my alarm 5 times instead of getting up when the first alarm went off. I also thought, “Man, today’s going to be terrible! I’m definitely not going to be on my best game today!”

I am not only going to have a great day, but I refuse to let this one hiccup mess things up for the remainder of the day. The sun is shining. The weather is good. The kids are out of school and we have lots of fun things planned. They don’t need me being totally miserable and a “fun-ruiner” just because I started my day off badly.

So even if you have a bad day or a bad experience throughout the day, try to make the effort to be the best version of yourself. It may not work all of the time, but the effort you put forth will be what you get out of today!

Finding Your New Place

Moving to a new area that you aren’t familiar with can be pretty tough, but I’m so glad that finding a meeting was a top priority for our family. Getting connected to that community as soon as possible seems to ease a tiny portion of my doubt and fears that creep in saying, “Are you sure you made the right decision moving here?” 

I’m happy that we now know how to get connected in the AA community, and now I’m looking forward to finding new places to connect. It may take 6 months, it may take a year, but I know we can do anything as long as we keep our mental and spiritual lives in check.


Too Long Without You…

My friends, it’s been a crazy two weeks! We are officially moved into our new home, but like any successful move, we have no idea where anything is! We are constantly asking one another, “Do you know what box that was in? Have you seen the (anything of importance) lately?” But it’s okay because we will get through this. (Hopefully with a little sanity intact too!)

During all of this chaos though, I felt I wasn’t going to be able to regularly write to you here friends and I’m sad I didn’t make it a higher priority. You see, I know you go about your day just waiting to hear the amazing words that will come out of me today (HA, calm down there ego!), but I put other things first and I hate that I did that to you.

When I say “Too Long Without You…”, I mean it. I feel like we were finally connecting and getting to a good rhythm then I up and abandoned the group. Well, ladies and I gentlemen, I’m back and I’m here to stay. The writing that goes on here helps me more than you know and I miss it. (Man, I mean I REALLY missed it!)

So I’m glad we are back in the swing of things. I hope you have a great week friends!

Summer is Finally Here

It’s funny how life changes. When we were kids growing up, we got so excited about summer. No more homework. No more early mornings. No more class everyday. We could usually just hang out with our friends, go to the pool, maybe the lake if we were lucky, and every few years we got to see the beach. Yeah, summers as a kid were amazing.

Enter parenthood…

Now, I look forward to summer break because we won’t have homework; no more early mornings; we can have play-dates with friends; we get to go to the pool; maybe we can have a lake day if we’re lucky; and maybe we’ll get to see the beach one of these years.

So, wait, what has really changed?

Well, for starters I have to keep these 3 tiny humans alive all summer. That’s definitely new! But also I get to watch the magical times of summer through the lens of a parent. Yes, the days pass by quicker for me than they do for the kids (whose hours and minutes drag along at a snail’s pace during the summertime – I do remember that), but I get to be part of new adventures in my kid’s lives. I get to partake in endless hours of board games, water fights, zoo trips, and maybe even a cool museum or two.

So, why am I sharing this?

Because I wouldn’t be able to do any of this with my kids had I not stopped drinking. Sure, I could still go to the pool, the zoo, the lake, the beach, or wherever the destination may be, but how can I be responsible for these little people when I can’t even responsibly take care of myself?

These trips would probably still be fun as I chased down chardonnay after chardonnay, but then who drives us home responsibly? Who takes us to the urgent care when someone falls at the pool? Who is able to care for my babies when they are solely in my care daily this summer?

Me…this sober mama right here will take pride in being able to do all of the mundane and sometimes boring things I’ll be doing this summer. I’ll do them with pride. I’ll do them with perspective. I will gladly play monopoly so many times my head will explode! Because I get to…

Don’t Fall into Fear’s Traps

There are landmines lurking everywhere. One wrong move and you can land on the one live explosive that is able to derail your entire existence. No, I’m not talking about actual bombs here. I’m talking about fear and the stupid lies it tries to tell all of us.

“You’re not ready. You’ll never be ready. You aren’t old enough to do that. You’re not young enough to do that. Why would they pick you for that job? Why wouldn’t she cheat on you? Of course you’ve gained weight. You aren’t as good looking as you used to be. You’ll never be enough.”  

I have to admit, I became infuriated simply typing those statements and lies out. These thoughts have crept into my mind, almost daily. And when I’m really weak, sometimes every hour. Fear tries to tell us everything that is wrong with us, all of our flaws. There isn’t any mention of the things you’ve done right in your life or the goals you’ve already accomplished. Fear wants to focus on the bad, the negative, and the impossible rather than give you any glimmer of hope or confidence.

Don’t fall into fear’s traps. Those things you hear fear whispering to you isn’t reality. Maybe if you let fear control you long enough it becomes your reality, but that’s when you need to fight like hell to get your life back. You are in control…not fear!

Now, watch your step today. Be sure to step over those landmines hiding in the shadows. And for goodness sake, don’t let fear direct navigate for you anymore.

Just Show Up

Half of the daily battle, or the “daily grind,” is just showing up. If you wake up and don’t hit the snooze button today, you’re ahead of the curve! If you got up and went to work, school, took care of your family, or simply did something productive, you are already heading in the right direction.

This idea may frustrate some people who have high expectations and are usually highly-motivated individuals ([hand raised] ME!), but the truth is as long as we keep putting one foot in front of the other each day, then we are still making progress.

“But what about determination? What about goals? What about being the absolute best?”  Yes, these are questions that slip into my subconscious all of the time. But there are some things that can only be measured when we look in the mirror.

Let me give you an example: Are you being the best parent you can be? Well, it’s unfair to compare to someone else’s parenting because their situation is probably different than yours. However, we can take a look at how we have parented in the past and see if we have made any improvements. Are we spending quality time with the kids? Are we there for them when they need us? Or are we not even showing up?

You may think you’re just treading water, but I promise you if you’re showing up to do the job, to parent the kids, and to be the spouse you want to be, you’re already winning the battle. The people that don’t show up, well, those people aren’t even giving themselves a chance at living their own life.

Consistency Goes a Long Way

Are there 1,000,000 people flocking to this blog every day to see what is going on?  No.  Are there people lining up around building corners to catch a sneak appearance to the author of these works?  No.  Are there people who show up regularly to see what’s going here?  Yes.  Those are the people I want to connect to.

Sadly, I believe many people get into writing/blogging/other creative endeavors with the intention of getting rich and receiving fame from the world. The truth is, just showing up every day and writing something here (even on days when I really don’t feel like it) heals part of my soul.

I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, but I’m not writing this for your benefit. Yes, I do hope you get something from the words on the screen, but I’m here to process. I’m here to share insight and stories and to “feel” because the majority of the time I’m not allowed to share these words so openly.

I show up every day here and write about what’s on my heart. I don’t have a laid out “blog plan” to grow my audience or to receive lots of revenue streams from this platform. (Please don’t use this blog as any reference on how to run a successful-money making blog…you’ll be sorely disappointed!)

But I do show up consistently because that is what we have to do for each other…just show up over and over and over again. I’m here today. What I’m talking about may not be addressed to you. It may not make sense. It may not connect with your story today. But my prayer is that you will find something that does. Find somewhere to be constantly and consistently fed encouraging words.