New Tests, New Trials

So I try to find things that are relatable for everyone that way we are all kind of on the same page. Well, one week ago we got a new puppy. And let me tell you, I wasn’t mentally prepared for a puppy.

Maybe most people can relate to the constant chewing, peeing everywhere, and piles of poop that come along with a housing puppy. I have raised a few dogs in my life already so I guess I was thinking I was a pro and told myself, “I got this!” 

Well, I don’t have this. This dog is straining my energy, the little tiny bit I had left after taking care of 3 kids this summer and keeping up with a house that seems to be always messy. He is constantly under foot and we are desperately trying to not step on him all day. He is a nuisance. He tries to chew on the kids. He has tried to eat my front door rug. He pooped in his kennel again last night and let’s just say it wasn’t fun to wake up to at 1:45 am this morning.

But even through all of that, we still love him. We may want to leave him outside for the remainder of the day at times, but his snuggles and kisses make up for all of the flaws.

He’s not perfect, so why was I pretending he would be? Why was I putting an expectation on him to be perfect, especially as a 9 week old puppy? 

Thanks for bringing me back to reality HP. I previously prayed for patience with the kids and I believe the dog is the answer to those prays. I’ve realized…it could always be worse!

Rain, Rain, Rain

It’s been storming here all night and even across a large part of our region yesterday. There was some flooding near my hometown, but overall not a lot of significant damage that I’m aware of. Rain has the tendency to be beautiful and destructive all at the same time.

For example, we’ve gone through periods of severe drought where all of the technology in the world couldn’t save what rain could help in just minutes. There have also been times when a lightning storms rolls in and I couldn’t imagine another way I’d rather spend my time on this earth than observing the magnificent natural light show before me.

So is the way of life…

We have times of great joy when things happen just when we need them to happen, there are times when we desperately pray that something will save us from the chaotic ways of a life we no longer understand, and then there is beauty in how the destructive ways of our lives have led us to the most beautiful outcomes we never could have imagined.

Thank God today for the rain…

Fantastic Friday to the Rescue

What is it about Fridays? I mean of course besides the more relaxed bosses, the ever-popular causal Fridays, the willingness to order pizza instead of cooking at home (maybe that’s just our house?), and of course it’s the kick off to a much anticipated weekend. But really, what is it about Fridays that gives me an extra giddy-up in my step?

One conclusion I have is that the pressure of a full week ahead of me is now behind me at this point. I’m still motivated on Fridays, but for the following week not the one I’m currently living in. But why do we jump ahead to the next week when we haven’t even completed this one? Maybe it’s because it gets easier to focus on things that are further away instead of what is right in front of us.

No matter the way you view Fridays, I believe everyone is relieved to break from the hustle and bustle of the work/school week. Maybe I’m wrong and I’m definitely open to others’ view points on this, but Fridays are just the best.

Today, I’m thankful for Fridays…

I hope you have a Fantastic Friday today!

Some Days It’s Just Not that Easy

This has been mentioned before, but my husband often travels for work. Usually, he isn’t traveling with the same people every single time. This time he is with new people he hasn’t gone anywhere with before. I’m sure it’s nice to change it up from time to time, but it also must be a little uncomfortable to be in the dinner situation where you wonder if people are going to be ordering shots of tequila, a draft beer, or a water with lemon. (Maybe that’s just me and my mind that wonders these things.)

But it’s funny when he calls me and we discuss these things. He tells me dinner was fine and it didn’t make him uncomfortable to have to sit at the bar due to limited seating in the dining area.

He also told me that after they were finished with dinner, him and the colleagues that were staying at the same hotel as him made a trip to Walmart to pass time and pick up a few essentials. The two other guys that we were with my husband decided that grabbing a 6-pack and splitting it at the hotel seemed like a great way to relax and unwind from a long day of travel and planning their work strategy for the next few days.

My husband and I found this hilarious and unsettling all at the same time.

“Is that how normal people really drink? Two grown men sharing a 6-pack of beer and then drifting off to sleep at a reasonable hour?” I questioned my husband as he recalls walking the water aisle to pick up his 6-pack of sparkling water. (It’s our new thing lately.) We both snickered at this thought and then I proceeded to bring a dose of reality to both of us by saying, “We probably would have grabbed two cases of beer, held it out and asked, ‘Do you think this enough for one night?’ And then called in the next day because we just weren’t feeling good, but really we were dying from the hangover that wouldn’t quit.” (Yes, obviously we have issues.)

In retrospect, I’m reminded how grateful I am that we know people who can be responsible adults and show other people in society how to properly enjoy an adult beverage every now and then. Unfortunately but also thankfully, my hubby and I are not those people. Keep it up responsible people.

Grateful for Today’s Day

Do you ever wake up grateful to just be alive? No, seriously…you roll over, hit the alarm, and stare up at the ceiling fan and think, “Man, I’m so lucky to be alive today!”  Well, that’s not really how it works for me either. After my first cup of coffee and some life contemplation in the morning, I do feel this overwhelming sensation some days to say Thank You to my Higher Power for allowing me to wake up one more day. (If you can’t already tell, today is one of those days.)

But shouldn’t we be grateful every single day to be alive? Why are you telling us that we should only be grateful every once in awhile to still have a pulse? 

Nope, that’s not what I’m saying. While I’d like to sit here and tell you that I thank God every day that I’m here in this chair typing and breathing, the truth is I’m usually too self-centered. There, I said it. I’m usually too selfish to say, “Thank You,” to God. How terrible is that? Maybe that’s something I shouldn’t actually admit. But we’re here to be honest and to not be ashamed, right?

I’m usually too worried about what I need to do for the day. I’m too wrapped up in my little world to sit back, take a deep breath, and say the two words that can change the entire course of my day – Thank you. 

Now that I am more aware of this self-centered flaw of mine, I’m going to intentionally be more mindful to say “Thank you” every day to my HP. Thank you for allowing me to breathe today. Thank you for the roof over our heads and the food in our bellies. Thank you for the tiny humans in my life I get to take care of. Thank you for the man you gave to me to journey through this whole “life” thing.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

In a World Without Internet

This may sound completely ridiculous, but not having internet from last Friday until late yesterday afternoon was truly a blessing. Of course, we still had data on our phones and were able to check in if necessary, but it gave all of us in our family a chance to unplug and enjoy each other more than we usually do when we have phones, computers, and tablets shoved into our faces.

I get depressed when I think about needing our internet literally severed (the contractors doing dirt-work next door keep cutting the internet cords) before we put all of our devices down and look directly at one another. Maybe this was a huge blessing in disguise. It was our way of bringing us all back to reality. Back to a simpler way of living and less distraction.

Maybe you can make it a point to unplug every once in a while and see how it impacts your life. Maybe you’ll end up playing the world’s longest game of Uno! (A single game lasted through 5 reshuffles of the deck and 1.5 hours of play!) Maybe you’ll end up reading more of the book you’ve been trying to finish for some time now.

Unplug every once in awhile…you deserve a break!

What to Write When There’s Nothing to Write

Some of you aren’t here reading this because you’re trying to get tips on writing. You may just be scrolling through the WordPress site looking at blog posts that pop up on your feed. Or maybe you stumbled here on accident because you liked the title of something or it even made you just a tad bit curious.

I’m going to get really real with you for a second. Writing isn’t for everyone. Writing isn’t always for me, specifically. Sometimes I struggle just to come up with a title to something and then writing an entire article seems absolutely daunting and overwhelming. But I do know when I struggle to write what I can always fall back on: gratitude.

Gratitude is a universal language all of our hearts speak. We are either aware of our state of gratitude or we are oblivious to how blessed we are. There usually isn’t an in-between. The reason there aren’t middle grounds for gratitude is simply because once you are aware of all of the blessings in your life, it’s kind of hard to be oblivious to them.  We become awestruck with all of the wonderful things in our life and our desire to be even more grateful spills over into every aspect of our lives.

Not sure what I’m describing? Never had a truly grateful experience?

Take a pen and paper or start a new notes tab on your phone/computer/tablet and begin jotting down what you are grateful for today. If the idea overwhelms you, just write three things today. Three things that you are grateful for today. That’s it. Nothing fancy. It could be “sleep, coffee, and it’s almost Friday.” (Although I encourage you to come up with something a little deeper than that.)

I challenge you to do this for one week. Write three gratitudes as soon as you rise in the morning every day for one week. I promise your perspective on life will be transformed.

What are you grateful for today?