Feeling Completely Whole

Something I have been struggling with lately (maybe something all people struggle with at some point in their life) is my body image. Not in an over the top dramatic way I could have handled it, but in a more subtle, “Ugh, my clothes are fitting a little tighter and I’ve noticed I’ve got some more squishyness going on than I normally do.” A healthy awareness you can say that I may have been overindulging a little too much these past few weeks.

Maybe all people struggle in different areas of their life and don’t feel worthy at some point of their own love, not even to mention anyone else’s. Maybe women struggle with this more than men, or maybe women are just more vocal about it. (I only have a perspective from a woman’s vantage point, so any men out there feel free to chime in at any moment.)

With this body image “issue” I’ve had the last few weeks I decided to ask myself a few simple questions this morning. Why does it matter? Why do you care? What’s really the underlying issue here? 

It turns out I was struggling with the burdens of not feeling worthy, enough, and complete. These thoughts of me telling myself, “If you would just lose 5 pounds, then you’ll be happy,” or “You should really go on another run. That’ll make you feel pretty again,” started to take over my mind.

The truth is, I am already worthy. I am already enough. I am already complete. I just needed my HP to remind me this morning that my worth comes from something greater than myself. Thank God I don’t have the rely on myself or anyone else for that matter to be made whole. I am whole. And I’m showing up today and trying.

One day at a time, right?


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