Brave Enough to Take the Next Step

There are many signs that we need to make new, big life decisions every day. Signs to go back to college (a graduate application comes in the mail), get a new job (no longer feeling happy and fulfilled at work), move to a new city (the price was right, the neighborhood feels right, and the opportunities are greater), homeschool your kids (this isn’t for me, but I’ve heard other people say they knew it was time to homeschool), and many other subtle clues we receive almost daily for our next step.

For me, I’ve been wanting to step up my game in my online business venture. It’s something I’ve been researching for months, but not really aggressively. More like a passive perusing online to get information, but never really implementing anything.

Why? Why not execute the business plan or the strategies I’ve been working on for weeks on end?

Want to know the honest to God truth? I’m still a little scared. There I said it. Fear is still trying to control my life and the worst part about it is that I know that! I have a clear picture for my life, my goals, and my dreams, but I’m too chicken to execute those plans because I think they may fail.

Well, I’m here today to give a pep talk of sorts. (To you and myself because I think we all need it today!) 

Don’t let fear win. Don’t let what might go wrong get in the way of all the amazing things that could go right! Don’t let doubt deter you from the life you want to live. Pull on your brave armor and head right down that scary path. Nobody ever said it’s going to be easy, but when it’s your dreams…it’s always worth it!


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