Just When You Thought You Hated Pulling Weeds…

Gardening isn’t necessarily my “go-to” hobby. I’ve been taught a thing or two over these past years, but I’m by no means a serious gardener. I have however learned to enjoy pulling weeds out of our flower bed. Well, let me clarify, once I get started pulling weeds, I enjoy having a beautiful flower bed again. Getting started is my biggest challenge most of the time.

But I see how people can enjoy gardening so much. There are so many life metaphors to be learned in the garden. For example, our lives get overrun with weeds (bad habits, bad people, bad decisions) and they start to take over what could be a beautiful lush garden bed (the wonderful potential for our lives). When we take these weeds out, we are left with fresh soil for rearranging or planting new flowers in the places where the bad things were located.

There are also lessons on what types of weeds you have to remove and how to remove them. For example, some weeds are stubborn and take more than a gentle yank from the ground to remove them permanently. Some weeds brake off from the top and you have to dig down to get them out by the root (not unlike some bad habits that become part of our everyday lives).  Some weeds stretch out across the entire garden bed and intertwine themselves through the healthy shrubs already planted (much like bad influences get into our lives and start affecting every aspect of us).

I know gardening may not be everyone’s favorite topic to expand their philosophic life comparisons, but at the same time don’t push aside the idea until you’ve experienced being on your hands and knees in the garden literally struggling to de-root these monstrous weeds from the ground.

Imagine the garden as your life. Do you want a weed infested garden overrun with toxic things? Or do you want a beautiful lush garden that captivates even your own attention?

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