In a World Without Internet

This may sound completely ridiculous, but not having internet from last Friday until late yesterday afternoon was truly a blessing. Of course, we still had data on our phones and were able to check in if necessary, but it gave all of us in our family a chance to unplug and enjoy each other more than we usually do when we have phones, computers, and tablets shoved into our faces.

I get depressed when I think about needing our internet literally severed (the contractors doing dirt-work next door keep cutting the internet cords) before we put all of our devices down and look directly at one another. Maybe this was a huge blessing in disguise. It was our way of bringing us all back to reality. Back to a simpler way of living and less distraction.

Maybe you can make it a point to unplug every once in a while and see how it impacts your life. Maybe you’ll end up playing the world’s longest game of Uno! (A single game lasted through 5 reshuffles of the deck and 1.5 hours of play!) Maybe you’ll end up reading more of the book you’ve been trying to finish for some time now.

Unplug every once in awhile…you deserve a break!


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