Motivational Monday, But on a Friday

Many people need a motivational boost to start their week off on a Monday because they’re still tired from the weekend, they have to wake up earlier, or just the thought of everything they have to do that week is totally overwhelming. Well, I’m here to tell that some of us also need some supercharged motivation on a Friday.

I’m not saying we need motivation to get pumped up about Friday because we all love Fridays! (Woo-hoo! The weekend!) The motivation I’m talking about is for those of us who are mentally checking out early. I’m sure there are countless times you’ve said the following statements on a Friday. I just can’t wait to get out of the office! or I’m so glad it’s the weekend. Come on 5 o’clock! (I can’t even tell you the amount of times I begged the clock to work faster on a Friday!) 

But that’s the type of attitude I’m trying to make us aware of. I’m not saying to not be excited, but instead to focus on today with the same intensity you give to a Monday. Make an effort to be extra present today instead of solely focusing on the weekend. 


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