Grace Inspired Motivation

I’ll be perfectly honest here, I wrote the title to this post almost 2 weeks ago. It hit me when I was in the middle of a self-shaming pity party. I was upset that I was off schedule and wasn’t able to keep up with my blog, here and elsewhere, while we were in the middle of moving. To be honest, I felt like a failure.

“I couldn’t even be prepared enough to write ahead and post something scheduled while we were moving. I’m in over my head. This just isn’t for me. Maybe I should just quit blogging altogether.” That shame monster is one powerful SOB! Are you kidding me? I was going to quit because I couldn’t post anything for a week!

Now I feel like I need to give myself a little tough love pep talk. “You were going to quit? We didn’t come this far just for you to abandon this good thing we’ve got going! If you quit, shame wins. Fear wins. Are you going to keep giving in to fear when things get tough?” Once again, a drama played out between myself and my ego. (It’s enough to make your head spin sometimes.) 

The point of it all is to say that this inner turmoil helped me realize that grace wins every time. When I wasn’t able to post while we were moving, I gave myself grace to get settled into our new home and then I would continue on this journey. I knew that we wouldn’t be living out of moving boxes and suitcases forever, so I didn’t allow myself to quit. I offered myself grace instead. And now I feel like I have been given a new kind of motivation – a grace inspired motivation.

I didn’t quit – you can’t get rid of me that easy. Please give yourself some grace today if you’re struggling to meet yours or someone else’s expectations. We’re all human.


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