Consistency Goes a Long Way

Are there 1,000,000 people flocking to this blog every day to see what is going on?  No.  Are there people lining up around building corners to catch a sneak appearance to the author of these works?  No.  Are there people who show up regularly to see what’s going here?  Yes.  Those are the people I want to connect to.

Sadly, I believe many people get into writing/blogging/other creative endeavors with the intention of getting rich and receiving fame from the world. The truth is, just showing up every day and writing something here (even on days when I really don’t feel like it) heals part of my soul.

I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, but I’m not writing this for your benefit. Yes, I do hope you get something from the words on the screen, but I’m here to process. I’m here to share insight and stories and to “feel” because the majority of the time I’m not allowed to share these words so openly.

I show up every day here and write about what’s on my heart. I don’t have a laid out “blog plan” to grow my audience or to receive lots of revenue streams from this platform. (Please don’t use this blog as any reference on how to run a successful-money making blog…you’ll be sorely disappointed!)

But I do show up consistently because that is what we have to do for each other…just show up over and over and over again. I’m here today. What I’m talking about may not be addressed to you. It may not make sense. It may not connect with your story today. But my prayer is that you will find something that does. Find somewhere to be constantly and consistently fed encouraging words.


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