Those Major Events Sure Do Change Us

Do you have any significant events that have changed your life? I mean, of course you do.  You may have your graduation day. The day you moved out of your parents home. The day you welcomed your first child into this world and officially became a parent. Maybe the day you purchased your first home. You may still have lots of these wonderful things still ahead of you in life.

But then there are those major events that aren’t so pleasant to talk about. Maybe that wreck you had as a teenager when you were drinking and driving. What about that time you were caught up in an argument with a friend and things have never been the same since? Maybe consider that time you said something really hurtful to someone after you had been drinking, but then the next day regret was the only word that came to mind.

Yes, we all make mistakes. We are all human and there will be times when we must suffer the consequences from our actions.

But I just keep thinking about how all of these events shape us into who we are. Sure I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff in my life (who hasn’t?), but if I don’t learn from those mistakes that’s when we have an even bigger problem.

What if we continued to do the immature, stupid things of our youth well into our middle-age adult years? Do you really want to be the dad sneaking a flask into the 4-year old’s birthday party just to “get through it?” Do you want to be the mom who has a minivan full of teenagers when she drunkenly swerves off the road into oncoming traffic?

I know these examples are “dramatic,” they are meant to be. These things happen all of the time, all over the place. I just hope and pray that you decide today not to be one of those people.


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