Productivity, Even When You Feel Burned Out

Mondays can be hard. I mean you don’t have to have a cross country weekend road trip to have trouble waking up Monday morning. You could have simply had a lazy weekend with your family, but Monday rolls around and the motivation to “get up and get moving” just isn’t there.

I struggle with this sometimes, but I know other people who struggle with this almost daily. I believe the key to changing our attitudes is all about changing our perspective. Yes, it is Monday, but so what? Life goes on. We have to do what we have to do today. So why not have a better attitude about it?

What if instead of complaining about everything that you have to do today you turned your priorities into a gratitude list? Change your perspective from the “have to” to “get to.” 

I get to wake my children up this morning when some people may not be able to even have children of their own. I get to go to the grocery store and buy fresh produce that isn’t even available in some parts of the world. I get to go pay the water bill that ensures we have clean water to bathe and drink. I get to cook a meal for my family so we are all able to eat together. I get to see and hug my husband who is right here with me instead of travelling for business or deployed overseas.”

Just changing those simple words from have to get changes my entire outlook on my To-Do List today. Appreciate the blessings you have right in front of you today.


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