Drinking Dreams – You’ve Had Them Too?

My husband will wake up ever so often in almost a cold sweat from having a dream where he went out and partied super hard and, you guessed it, came home completely drunk. I think these dreams scare him to get back to a meeting as quickly as possible because he has those feelings of losing control come rushing back to him.

I’ve also had drinking dreams, but mine are about my husband’s drinking too. Occasionally I’ll have one where I’m off the wagon, but it’s usually my husband. I think my emotional state was so traumatized when he was drinking because I didn’t know how to “handle” any of it. I shut down. I didn’t talk about it as much as I should. I basically should have won the award “Passive-Aggressive Wife of the Century” when he was drinking.

Maybe these dreams happen less and less the longer you have gone without drinking, but I’ve heard someone who’s been sober more than 30 years say, “They never completely go away.” This fills me with despair and hope at the same time. Despair because I don’t want my husband waking up in cold sweats for the rest of his life worried about something he has absolutely no control over in his dream world. But it fills me with hope because no matter how far you are down the path, no one is perfect.

People that have been sober over 30 years still struggle with the same things someone attending their very first meeting struggle with. It’s refreshing to know that you’re not the only one. Community is a very powerful thing…


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