Appreciation and Gratitude – Are They the Same?

We all know what the words appreciation & gratitude mean, but are they the same thing? I say, who cares! You need them both in your life and you need them regularly!

For example, I am highly appreciative of getting to see lots of our family and friends this weekend for a birthday party. I don’t get to see some of these family members but a few times a year so time with them is precious.

Also, I’m grateful that so many people we cherish and love were able to be in one place at one time. I’m happy that we have so many people in our lives that love and care about our family.

To me, appreciation and gratitude are one in the same. It’s not necessarily that the words mean the exact same thing, but that they are both needed in order to enjoy our lives more.

What do you appreciate about your life today? What can you be grateful for in this season of life?





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