Remember to Take a Freaking Break

The sniffles caught up to me yesterday. I didn’t realize how “full-force” I had been going these past few days, but I think either allergies or a cold have crept up on me. Then, once I started to realize how busy I’ve been, I had an AHA moment! I haven’t taken a break from all of the running around since Friday! What?! Go to bed early tonight, I told myself.

Even though we are all busy, we have to remind ourselves to take a freaking break when we need one! I know this looks different for everyone. Some people may not get a break for months on end. Others may have an opportunity to chillax for a few hours, but instead they spend that time either doing something unimportant or wasting it watching the newest Netflix craze. TAKE A BREAK!

Maybe you need to hear this today. Maybe I wrote this just for you to read. Maybe you can’t relate to this at all. (I doubt there are many people who fit in that last category.) 

Whatever you have to do today (get a cup of coffee and sit alone for 10 minutes, go on a walk around the neighborhood, meditate quietly for 5 minutes, or just go to bed 15 minutes earlier tonight), take a freaking break!

You deserve it.

I give you permission.

Take a break…


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