Focus on the Important Things Today

There are so many distractions these days. There is work (whether that’s inside the home, outside the home, or for some people it’s both), family (which depending on your situation can range from daily encounters with your immediate kin all the way to your great-grandma), kids (there are too many extracurricular activities for kids to name them all), social media (this can be helpful in business, but it’s also a dangerous time waster), and of course everything else in between. I could probably ramble on and on about all of the “tasks” we keep ourselves busy with these days, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with information.

The point of recognizing everyone’s “busyness” today is to point out that there can be a LOT of distractions. We are distracted from doing the important things because we’re too focused on the thing we need to get done for work. Maybe we have a deadline. Maybe we have an important meeting. Maybe our boss is coming into town for a quarterly visit. But what about the birthday party your son begged you to take him to? What about the cartoon movie you promised your middle child you’d take him to, just you and him? What about all of the date nights you miss out on with your spouse because you’re exhausted from a long work week?

This isn’t meant to be a bashing session for people who work. (I love when people are committed to being successful in their careers and professional endeavors.) These issues can just as easily pop up in family scenarios. We are distracted because of the next family drama being played out in real life. The gossiping, the rude remarks, and the yo-yo diets could keep us all busy for years. What about the positive situations in our lives? What about the nice things we could say to each other instead?

Oh the activities for kids nowadays is a never ending list! Between volunteering at the PTA functions, to the baseball fields every week night, to planning class end of year parties, and working on countless other projects, we have all become distracted from just spending quality time with our kids. Sit down and play a game with your kiddos. Read them a book. Do something that doesn’t involve electronics.

And social media…I really think this one speaks for itself, but I’ll go ahead and say it:
(Myself included…)

Take a look at your list of things to do today. Take away the ones that don’t really matter and add in the ones that can add quality to your life. I know I needed to hear this myself today because I get sucked into the never-ending world of the internet sometimes.

Focus on the people in your life today. Focus on what really matters.




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