Catching Up with Old Friends

There are certain people put in your path for very specific reasons. I believe my HP gives me people to admire, people to guide me, people to walk with me through hard times, and most importantly a handful of friends that will be there for me no matter what.

I ran into one of those select few “A-Listers” yesterday and my heart was completely overwhelmed with joy! When you haven’t seen someone in 3+ years but you can automatically pick up right where you left off, that’s a true friendship.

The reason it’s important to note that here is simply because she and I both quit drinking. She had her reasons. I had mine. But together, we both admit, we are better people for it. It didn’t change the fact that we still laughed so hard we were in tears yesterday. It didn’t make things awkward as we talked about our lives together. (Although we did laugh and reminisce on some old ridiculous stories of our former days.) 

There will be many people that drift in and out of our lives as the years pass, but hang on to those special friendships for dear life. You may not see them often. You might not even talk regularly. But those relationships are put into your life for a reason. True friendship is priceless.


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