You Know Every Single Hair on My Head

So, this may seem like an odd situation I’m going to explain, but I’ve talked about prayer here before. Have you ever had images of yourself or other people pop into your mind while you prayed? I’m not talking about crucifixes and other Biblical images we associate with God. I’m talking about everyday people and situations. For example, you say a small prayer about your spouse and you can see their face in your mind just as plain as day.

Well this morning, as I was praying to do God’s will today and not my own, I had an image. The words pouring out of me went something like this, “I know I’m broken. I’m  not perfect. But God you know me better than I know myself. You know me inside and out. Please guide me today in Your will and not my own.” 

As these words flowed out of my mouth, I began to imagine my own head of hair (which is a lot) and someone running their fingers through every strand. It was a moment where I realized every single hair on my head has been accounted for. Every single eyelash is no stranger to my HP. It’s as if I were to meet God and He would tell me the exact number of hairs on my head in an instant as to say, “Yup, all accounted for!”

If you’re struggling today and thinking that no one knows where you’re coming from or you’re in this endeavor alone, rethink it. Imagine someone who knows you, the good and the bad, and loves you more than you can imagine.



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