Irritability, Impatience, and Above All, Anxiety

We’ve all experienced the spectrum of emotions at some point or another. We’ve been happier than a kid in a candy store and probably as down in the dumps as someone whose puppy just got run over. (Kid euphemisms speak to me.) Lately, irritability and impatience have been constant destinations on my spectrum while my husband dances around on anxiety.

We are selling a home. This is our first time to sell a home. We are buying a new home. This is new as far as the buying process goes because we have to wait for our current home to sell. We are learning as we go. We are also going on about our lives. My husband is still working. The kids still needing food and clean clothes. The house needing to stay “white-glove approved” clean for potential showings. The kids are busy with field trips and end of year activities. There’s baseball season. There’s pink eye. (Yeah, that’s an added bonus!)

You can probably see the recipe for disaster as simple as:

A + B + C + D = Full-Blown Chaos

But we’ve actually been able to manage the stress. I’m not saying by any means that we haven’t snapped at one another or that our kids are behaving perfectly (does this ever happen, by the way?), but we are working together. We are apologizing when we need to apologize. We are giving ourselves more grace than ever because we all need it.

Just because the recipe for disaster might be everything surrounding you today, that doesn’t mean you have to go home and bake the cake! Switch up some of the ingredients, add more fun and playfulness. Don’t let the situations in your life control you. (Hint: You don’t really have control over them anyway.) You can only control you and how you handle things in life. Good luck! It’s not always easy, but you can do it!



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