Pray for the Mundane

Do you ever feel silly saying a prayer? Like a problem you have is too small for your Higher Power (HP) to deal with? For example, potty training and cleaning the house. I’ve prayed countless times for these two things and I still feel ridiculous about it. But the truth is, prayer works.

I know we all want those big miraculous moments to happen to us so we can say we have had a divine experience to share with the world! But to be perfectly honest, I have those moments every day. I didn’t completely lose my mind this week because of my kids, that’s a miracle in itself! I haven’t given into my come-and-go temptations to drink, that’s a huge blessing. I haven’t completely given up the will to live because my laundry wasn’t done, the floors went without being mopped, or the dishes weren’t cleaned…a marvelous feat!

These tasks may seem mundane and completely absurd, but that’s the point. Nothing is too small for us to give over to our HP! The little things can easily become the big struggles in our lives if we let them consume us.

Give all of the obligatory, mindless tasks over to your HP. You have to do them whether you have someone helping you or not, so why not ask for guidance and strength along the way?

This one simple thing has made a HUGE impact on my daily life. I hope it will for you too. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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