Quality Time with the People that Matter

If your social media feed was anything like mine yesterday, you saw a flood of pictures of people dressed in their Sunday best for Easter. Maybe there were kids in matching pastel colors. Maybe there was family shot of everyone from great-grandparents down to the newest newborn baby. Maybe you saw pictures of people dying Easter eggs. Maybe you saw the lineup of kiddos hunting said Easter eggs in a mad dash to get that coveted golden egg.

While the ability to post and reflect on these pictures at a later date is great, what is even more important is what’s behind the camera. The conversation you had with your grandpa who’s buying a new house with his future bride. The BBQ tips you learned from your uncle who swears up and down by his pinto bean recipe. Watching the kids play in the mud pit, which was the sandbox transformed by the water hose and 3 boys on one muddy mission. The chat with your parents over where they should put their future goats they plan on getting soon.

All of these conversations are real. All of them happened without any cameras or phones. I believe pictures and memories can be captured with our cool technology we have these days, but those aren’t the only things that matter. Take time to enjoy the people around you and appreciate the family and friends in your life.


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