You Are Absolutely Worthy

This morning, I feel compelled to share with everyone that we are all worthy. Worthy of what? you ask. Well, we are all worthy of life. We are worthy of being able to wake up every day and make decisions on how we want to live our lives.

Are we always capable of making these decisions? Maybe not every day. Some days we are tired and we just go with the quickest, easiest solutions. Some days we honestly just don’t care.

I believe much of the time, when I sit down at my computer to write out these posts, I’m given ideas of what to write about because it’s what I need to hear for the day. Maybe I’m dealing with self doubt this morning. Maybe my confidence is a little shaken. Maybe I’m just wanting to give myself a pep talk to keep on keeping on. But I know I wanted to share with all of you today that you are worthy. You are enough. You are doing amazing things in your life.

Isn’t is hard sometimes to tell ourselves those things? Well, that’s why I wanted to be the one to say them to you today.

So go…out into the world, shoulders held high, and show everyone how amazing you are today!


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