Being Kind & Helping Others

Helping other people is one of the most rewarding gifts we can give. I’m not talking about going around and telling other people that they’re living their life wrong. (That’s not helping anyone!) But I’m taking about genuine caring and compassion shown to others.

Maybe that means listening to the lady in the parking lot you just met say she’s still trying to figure this marriage thing out. Maybe that means helping the man with the wagon get over the large bump at the baseball field so it doesn’t tip over. Maybe that means helping a colleague at work who is still new and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of things.

There are multiple ways we can help people every day. These can be strangers, best friends, acquaintances, or maybe even someone you really don’t even like that much.

I challenge you this weekend to look at other people differently. Look people in the eye and smile when you run into the gas station to pay for your snacks. Tell the teacher at the school that the color she’s wearing looks great on her. Give the custodial staff at the office a nice smile and a “Have a great weekend!” when you leave the office today.

Try to recognize the opportunities in the ordinary. You’ll be surprised how much being kind and helping others will change your own life.


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