When Others Notice You…

Do you ever have an “off” day? A day where maybe you’re not 100% yourself. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re grumpy. Maybe you just don’t want to do deal with all of your responsibilities.

I had a day like that yesterday. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was going on, but I was abnormally anxious. The funny part about it though is that I didn’t even notice. My husband was the one to point out to me that I was a little more antsy than normal. He noticed I was stressing over things I usually didn’t care about. He saw that I was a lot more concerned with matters I have no control over and I was completely stressing over irrelevant issues. Once I took a step back and realized he was right, I finally saw all of the things he was talking about clearly.

Maybe I should have worked out yesterday. Maybe I was tired and needed more rest. Maybe I was still worn out from being at the baseball fields all day the day before. I still couldn’t quite pinpoint where the anxiousness was coming from, but I listened when someone else noticed it. To me, that’s one of the biggest signs of progress in my life.

I used to not listen to anyone. I used to do my own thing and not care how it affected other people, to a certain extent. I used to run myself ragged until the anxiousness was simply something I masked with a chilled glass of wine and maybe sneaking a cig when the kids went to sleep.

Now, it still sucks when I feel overwhelmed, but I feel like I can handle it better. I take a few deep breaths and send myself to bed early. Today is a new day. I can try to overcome these feelings by being the best version of myself, taking care of myself (eating right and working out), and listening to others who are just trying to support me.


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