Another Weekend Ahead of Us

My life a few years ago looked completely different than it does today. This weekend we have a full day of baseball and t-ball games, quality family time, and maybe some lounging around on Sunday afternoon. We by no means live in the nostalgia of times past, but I do appreciate the much quieter, less painful weekend we have ahead of us.

Let me explain…

A few years ago, we would probably have the same kind of weekend scheduled…except, we’d stay up too late on Friday night drinking our beers and wine, smoking our cigs after the kids had gone to bed (which we only did when we drank), and then we’d wake up with a beautiful little hangover that hung around until mid-afternoon to the next day. Yeah, it was not a pretty sight. Not only were we less productive humans, but we were very impatient parents. We yelled a lot more at our kids. We got more frustrated with one another as spouses. We were definitely more snappy with one another when it came to who took care of what parenting responsibility of the hour.

Yeah, we were lousy people…lousy parents.

But now, I look ahead and look forward to the “boring life,” as some would call it, we live today! I love that we go to bed at a reasonable hour. I relish in the fact that I can wake up on a Saturday morning with the kids at 7:00 am and not feel like hammered damn-it all day! Our lives may be stressful at times with going here and going there and volunteering for this and participating in that, but I wouldn’t exchange any of it for the life we used to live.

So here’s to another weekend ahead of us…may it be full of what some people call “boring” activities. Only you know how priceless all of it really is…


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