Where Are We Headed?

So, I started this blog 6 months ago and today mark’s the 100th post. What?! How have there already been 100 posts?

Worry hijacked my thoughts when I first started this blog.  I worried I was only going to have 5 things to say, I would say them (get them off my chest), and then there would be crickets…nothing! But, as you can imagine, there is a lot more to say about alcoholism and addiction than I thought.

In the past few months, I have found I’m handling conversations and discussions related to alcoholism differently than I would have 6 months ago. I’m listening more intently to stories and practicing more empathy. There are people and situations out there that I have never considered to exist and now I know those stories have been brought to my life to write about here.

We are not here to air out our dirty laundry so we feel better. We’re here to share some of our own stories so we can help others. At least, that is all I’m trying to do. I’m not trying to sell anything (which is an anomaly online these days)! I’m not trying to shove ad campaigns down your throat. I don’t even care if you read the blog on a daily basis.

I show up every morning and look for insight to share with someone who may be struggling with what I’ve struggled with, in the past or currently. None of us are perfect. We can all use a helping hand.

Happy 100th Post! I have confidence that there will be many more to come…


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