Bad Weather

I woke up to some crazy storms this morning! The hanging plants on my back porch were about to be flung off into the distance when I peaked outside.  I think I watched the movie Twister too many times growing up because my heart starts racing any time there’s really bad thunder and lightning. I think to myself, This is it. This is the time when we’re going to have to get down in the floor of our small half bath, with the interior walls and no windows.  Maybe the roof is about to fly off our house at any second. We have to be prepared and protect our family! (Yes, I should be nominated for an Oscar based on the dramatic performances played out in my head, but it doesn’t work that way…I checked!)

Life is basically the same way. We go into our “fight or flight” modes when things get tough. Should I stay and figure out if this time the tornado of life is going to do some serious damage on my relationships? Should I hang around for the devastating aftermath that I know is inevitable with those huge clouds looming overhead? Should I prepare myself as best as I can to protect myself and my family for the storms that may or may not come?

We can’t live our lives every day with fear of the unknown. Well, we can. But if you do (or have in the past) you know how freaking exhausting that is! You know what it’s like when you see that first sign of rain. You know that there is an impending storm on the way. You have to decide whether you’re going to take cover to protect yourself and hunker down for the long haul, or you’re going to leave to find shelter elsewhere. The choice is up to you, but either way, it’s never a bad idea to find a way to protect yourself first.


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