I try to keep this writing light and not too “Debbie Downer.”  I mean, there are serious, deep conversations that need to be had, but there are also amazing stories of blessings and miracles that happen each day that we need to acknowledge and appreciate.

For example, I met someone yesterday who has the potential to be a major collaborator on a project I’m working on. Plus, she was generally a really nice person! I love meeting new people who are down to earth and lacking the fake personality that seems to be running rampant these days.

The blessing behind all of this is that I prayed, and continue to pray, that my Higher Power would bring positive people into my life who can teach me something. Growing up as an athlete all of my life, I really respond to other people’s coaching and training. I’m willing to listen and learn. This person has the ability to teach me so much about business, getting out of my comfort zone, and it sounds like we could be good friends too.

Count your blessings every day. Look around at the ordinary things in your life. Don’t dismiss that person who was overly nice to you at the grocery store or your co-worker (whom you’ve battled with for months) coming around on a project you knew would make the boss extremely happy. Take notice in the small coincidences every day. Call them what you may, but there aren’t really coincidences. They are divine arrangements. They are there to brighten your day, pick you up when you feel down, and they give you a chance to show gratitude for the ordinary.

I’m so grateful for the blessings in my life.

For which blessings in your life are you most grateful?


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