Spring Break

Do you remember Spring Break as a kid?  Getting an entire week to spend with friends or go visit family you don’t see very often or perhaps taking a road trip to the beach, if we were lucky enough to get out of town.  Those were definitely the good ole days! (Why do we have to grow up?)

No one tells you after college that Spring Break and Summertime aren’t on the schedule anymore. People don’t expect to have a week off to just lay around and do nothing with your friends or go to visit family or head down to the beach, if you are lucky enough. No. We have to grow up. And part of growing up is being more responsible with how we handle our time.

I know until I had kids I wasn’t great at managing my time off. I was highly unproductive, lazy, and didn’t really care what I got done. Now that I have kids (who are on Spring Break this week), I see how we can take this time to be more intentional with one another. We aren’t going to the beach this year. We are going to visit family for a few days. But for the most part, we are going to be in our house enjoying one another’s company.

Let me be perfectly honest here…I would have thrown a hissy fit and stomped and whined like a little kid if you would have told me I have to be in my house with 3 tyrants for 5 days straight 3 or 4 years ago. I’m good at watching my kids. I’m good at keeping them alive. I’m pretty decent at keeping them entertained. But I was definitely NOT as patient and tolerable then as I am today. The kids and I would have both ended up in tears and puddles on the floor (my puddle would have been tears and wine).

Fast forward to today…I know there will be times that I want to lose my shit! But, I have to remember that I’m the only one who can control me. I have to be the example of sanity and grace and love.

So wish me luck folks. I feel like I’m going into battle and I may not come out alive, but I know that Spring Break with 3 little boys will not take me down! I can do this! With lots of prayer, patience, love and tolerance…I can do this!


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