We have these chips scatter around the house. No, not Fritos or cheetos. AA chips. We have ones from 24 hours to 1 yr. We even have multiple ones of the same month. (That’s another story for later.)

But today marks the day when we add another chip. There will be a 2-yr chip somewhere in this house in the next 24 hours! Although it’s not mine personally, I am proud to say it will be in this house. 

I used to be annoyed when I’d find them lying around- in the laundry, on top of random dressers or tables, or on the bathroom counter. At first, the selfish person living in my head would say, “Well, it’s awesome you got another chip, but could you at least pick them up?” 

What I failed to realize was the subliminal message the chips were trying to tell me. You see, it wasn’t really announced when another chip entered the house. Maybe we talked about every few months, but I didn’t constantly ask what month we were on. I didn’t have to. The chips reminded me that we were headed in the right direction.

So maybe we had an off week. Or maybe we were both more irritable than normal. Those chips remind me that we are still sober. We are both still sober. 

One day at a time, and 2 years later, a new chip has arrived. We will keep on keeping on.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


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