How Do We Control Ourselves? 

Unfortunately, we have a member of our family whose health is declining. There’s no immediate need to jump to any conclusions, but their health is definitely concerning. It’s times like these when I find myself searching for more ways to counteract my need to try to “control.” Control the situation. Control the outcome. Control people involved.

But I can’t control anyone other than myself. So what do I do? 

First, I try to recognize when I’m trying to take charge in the first place. Sometimes it’s blatantly obvious (to myself and others) when I’m trying to take over and control everything. Other times, it’s a like a ninja move my brain is trying to do without me even knowing what’s going on. I have to be diligent in recognizing when I slip back into these old habits and stopping the madness before it gets outs of control.

Secondly, I have to decide what I can do to help the situation. This is really tough too because sometimes there’s nothing we can do. Maybe you can be a friend to someone that needs an empathetic ear. Maybe you can give someone a ride who needs a meeting. Maybe you can be extra nice to the lady at the super market who cut you off with her oversized cart full of kids and an obnoxious amount of fruit snacks. Maybe you can’t do anything but show up.

My point is that we have to be intentional every day. Not just go through life on auto-pilot then wake up one day saying, “How did I get here?” 

Be intentional. Be intentional. Be intentional.


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