The Seasons are A-Changin’

So I’m a huge fan of seasons changing, both physically and metaphorically. I love it when the birds start singing again in the springtime, the sun stays awake longer in the summer, the crisp fall air rolls into town after a long and hot summer, and again when the winter breezes mean fireplaces, scarves, and boots of all kinds.

Yes, the physical seasons changing gives a fresh perspective on life! But even the metaphorical seasons of life can be exciting too. For example, my family is about to embark on a new journey. We are moving for my husband’s job. Although we are a little nervous about how everything will play out, we are really excited for this new opportunity, especially because we will be a lot closer to our families!

Why is any of this relevant to you? Because I bet you have gone through many seasons in your life you never thought would end, ones you couldn’t wait to end, or even seasons you never wanted to end. 

I remember a time in my college life that I wanted to go on forever. I had the perfect job (making minimum wage), a great group of friends, I was loving school and what I was studying, and I had just met this great guy who would later become my husband.

If I would have asked time to stand still in that moment, I would have never gotten to experience the lives of my children. Or watch my brothers become fathers. Or my husband graduate college.

There are highs and lows in life. There are seasons for peaks and there are seasons for valleys. Just know that if you feel stuck in a valley right now, you will make it out of this season in life. You can look back on today and remember that this moment is what led you to taking that next big step.

Go out into the world and appreciate your season today…


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