When the Answer is No…

I know I’m a newbie when it comes to prayer, but I find it fascinating when people who are well seasoned in the act of praying talk about how long and hard they have prayed for something and…nothing. Crickets. Not even a glimpse of hope for what they have prayed about consistently.

Like I have said before, I don’t want to get too much into religion here, but I believe prayer can span across any spiritual beliefs. I’m just throwing out the idea to anyone out there who may be new to prayer or curious about it that sometimes the answer is no. Maybe it’s not a harsh, “NO! You’re an idiot. Why would you ask for that in the first place?” But maybe more or a subtle, “Not right now.” 

I’m grateful when the answer is “no” and then a much better opportunity comes down the road. Now, life does not always happen that way. I know people who have prayed for 20+ years for something and have yet to see anything come from their diligent prayers. Maybe our Higher Power (HP) has a bigger plan, or maybe it’s not time for the plan to start rolling into place just yet.

My point of all of this is to have some faith. Maybe you’re praying for a loved one. Maybe you’re praying for yourself. Maybe you’re praying for a certain situation to change. I don’t know. But I do know that prayer is one of the greatest ways for us to get to know ourselves better and to have a relationship with our HP. 

I don’t want to get all “preachy” on you here, so I won’t, but I just felt like someone out there needed to hear this today. Don’t give up on your prayers. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on the life you one day aspire to have. Keep praying. Keep focusing on what life you want. Keep trying to be the best version of yourself. Keep it up…you’re already doing a great job! 


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