Life’s a Garden; Dig It

Ah, wise words from the great philosopher, Joe Dirt. I know, I know…that was a ridiculous movie with some seriously ridiculous hair, but hear me out! Ole Joe was actually on to something.

We are given this life to do great things. Now, you may not believe that, especially if you’re at the bad end of rock bottom (not sure if there is a good end to rock bottom), but I believe we all have a purpose.

Some of us are even lucky enough to figure out that purpose. (I am still waiting for a sticky note to arrive one day that says, “You are doing exactly what you’ve been called to do.” Sadly, it hasn’t arrived yet.) But either way, life is a gift. Life is a garden. We go through good seasons of harvest and bad seasons of drought. Sometimes we get infested with bugs that eat us (ew, that’s a terrible mental picture), and sometimes we reap the benefits of perfectly timed seeds. 

The garden analogy makes so much sense because we are always changing and evolving. We can either be on the right path or the wrong path, but either way we are sowing and reaping the benefits of our efforts or lack thereof. Whether we have a plentiful harvest depends on how we cultivate that garden (our life) and how we take care of it along the way.

Life’s a garden; dig it! 


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