Get Fed Daily

I’ve heard from several people I know who regularly attend meetings say, “Man, it’s been too long. I need a meeting,” or, “I haven’t been to a meeting this week! No wonder I’m so irritatable!” 

I’m not sure if you go to meetings or if you know someone who goes to meetings regularly, but I can see a huge impact in my husband when he hasn’t gone for a while. We may not be able to pinpoint the issue until we reflect on the previous days of the week, but most irritations and impatient behaviors melt away when the problem is resolved. 

I know how important meetings are when you are first trying to achieve sobriety, but what about when you’ve hit a good stride (let’s say a year sober) and you no longer need the daily meeting? I suggest, and again I’m no addiction expert, getting fed daily in other ways. I know there are so many books, readings, and short prayers that are offered by AA. Taking the time to commit to even one minute of reading one of these a day can help a lot. 

Perspective is the key. These readings and other materials are designed to motivate you. To keep your head above water when you feel like something is trying to pull you back under. To give you that boost of confidence you need when you feel self-doubt starting to creep up on you.

Get fed something motivating daily. It doesn’t take long, but it can change your entire day! 


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