We All Struggle

We like to think that successful people or celebrities have it all figured out, right? They have figured out the secret magic formula: 

a + b = success and an easy life.

But the truth is, we all struggle. Even the greatest people in history who were the rulers of world powers struggled at some point. Maybe they didn’t have the same problems you and I have today. Maybe their problems were bigger. Maybe their problems aren’t relelvant in today’s world. But they were there.

I have to remind myself of this when I see a seemingly perfect family waking down the street, hand in hand, like they just stepped out of a freaking J-Crew catalog. Come on people, no family wears matching clothes all of the time and is still happy about it! 

I, on the other hand, am making sure I showered today (the ole arm pit smell trick works wonders) while counting my kids to make sure none have escaped! Some days I’m holding our life together with a really thin piece of hope and strength entwined together. I sometimes find myself getting jealous of those people who “have it all together.” But let’s be honest here…none of us have it all together!

There is some aspect of our lives where we fall short; where we need to lean on other people. I’m okay admitting my life is not perfect, but I’m done ignoring the fact that we all struggle in some way. Don’t let other people’s lives make you feel inferior. We all have faults and we all struggle…


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