Life as a Kid

Maybe you have kids. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re not too far removed from being a kid yourself. Maybe you have kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids.

Regardless of your parenting status, you have been a kid yourself. You know what it’s like to have curiosity and wonderment, like exploring the woods by your house. You know how it feels to have new experiences and learn something knew, like going to school and meeting new friends. You know how hard it is to do something when you’re scared, like go down that really tall slide at the park.

We all have experiences as adults that we did as kids, but our perspective has changed. Our filter has been shrunken down to only include the “important” things in life, whether those are destructive behaviors or only people we care about. Seldom do we include our childlike thinking when it comes to what we experience in life.

We have either learned to or have been taught to only pursue certain things in life, whether that is a career, a family, a status among peers, or a high income. 

But what if we pursued everything with the curiosity and wonderment we had as children? What if we started looking at the world through the lense of our childlike mind? I’m not saying we should resort to childishness, but we should simply carry a different perspective around with us.

You’d be surprised how much your tiny world expands when you switch the lense to infinite possibilities…


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