How Far We Have Come…

I’m not a person who likes to dwell on the past. Like I’ve said before, living in a state of denial was my thing for a long time so the past isn’t a clear picture that should dictate my life. However, I do look back at the past to see how far we have come.

Just a few years, we didn’t have any clear picture of where we were going in life. Basically, we were in survival mode. Doing the bare minimum to survive and not fall apart, or hit rock bottom. 

Now I feel like we have climbed up the other side of that mountainous monster doubt and have found a good plateau on the stable ground of contentment. We haven’t finished getting to where we want to go, my husband and I are annoyingly motivated people now, but we do have goals for where we want to be.

I look at our past and I look at our future. I know that together we have been destructive, but together we have also accomplished so much! I sit here today content with life. We aren’t perfect by any means, but I am proud of where we have landed in this journey. 

I hope you can look back on your life and see progress towards something greater than the darkest days of your past. Don’t dwell on the past, but use it as a stepping stone to propel into your best looking future. You can do it…


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