The Good Ole Days of Denial

So much of my adult life, and probably a lot of my childhood, I lived in denial. Some would say that I was gullible or naive, but I think a lot of it was me living in a state of denial. 

I believed everyone was a good person. I believed my parents had the perfect marriage. I believed my friends, both from childhood and college, would always be around me and in my life…forever.

I also believed if I just ignored the situation, it would get better. I truly believed that if we didn’t talk about it, eventually things would handle themselves. I thought that I didn’t really need to voice my opinion because everyone should automatically know how I feel anyway. (I was definitely under the allusion people could read my mind and know my emotions at all times…yeah, denial!) 

But now, thankfully, I have been exposed to the wonderful world of reality. A reality where no one…I repeat, no one is perfect. A reality where you stumble and fall, then pick yourself back up. A reality where no marriage is perfect, but if you show up every day ready to love your spouse and be the best version of yourself, amazing things can happen.

I still have a long way to go in the areas of self-improvement, but I know that I’m not living in denial anymore. I’m being realistic about my life, my marriage, my children, my family, and my friends. I love living in reality instead of a state of denial. It’s messy and crappy some days, but at least it’s real. No more LaLa Land for me!


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