Replacing the Bad with the Good

I struggled with food addictions and overeating all of my life. I’m not an expert in this field (nor in any addiction field), but I can speak from my own experiences on the topic of food and my other destructive behaviors.

I used to believe I knew everything there was to know about being healthy…especially when I was super unhealthy! I knew what I needed to eat, how much I needed to eat, and how often I needed to eat. I knew all of the things I should be doing (working out, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, etc), but I was constantly tempted every day with the crappy food in my pantry, skipping the gym to watch tv instead, and choosing wine over water. I didn’t start to see drastic improvements in my health until I began to take away the bad stuff that was causing me to be unhealthy in the first place.

This didn’t happen overnight, but I was able to realize that unless I got the bad junk out of my life, I wasn’t able to see the good stuff that was already happening. 

I also realized how much drinking played a role in my weight struggles. It wasn’t the calories in that glass, err…bottle of wine I was drinking, though I’m sure it was a pretty significant amount. It was the aftermath of drinking that wine. It was the late night munchies I ate after a night of drinking. It was sleeping in instead of working out the next morning. It was eating the greasy Mexican food the next day to “cure the hangover.” 

I say all of this to let anyone struggling with addiction to think about what good things they can add to their lives. Focusing only on the bad can make your world seem tiny and small and suffocating. But if you make the effort to see the good that’s possible, you’ll be surprised how motivating and freeing it can feel.


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