Reset Button

Lately, in our household, we have adopted a new plan or an idea for dealing with crappy starts to the morning…an imaginable reset button. It’s almost like we throw our hands up in the air (surrending to the unbelievably impossible morning chaos) and we hit this invisible button to magically transform our thoughts and actions.

Of course my kids think it’s fun. I’m sure they probably think I’ve gone crazy trying to hit an imaginary button. But it works. It’s like taking a timeout for everyone involved. Everyone takes a deep breath, apologizes where an apology is due, and we “start over” for the day.

This has dramatically changed how we start our mornings with each other! It has also impacted our children because they are beginning to realize that just because you start your day a certain way (crappy) doesn’t mean you have to continue the rest of the day in a bad mood.

I thought I would share this here because anytime I find a way to make my day better, I feel it is imperative to share that information with other people. It would be selfish of me to hang on to such vital/life-changing info.

So make sure you hit your reset button after you spill your coffee, take the wrong exit heading to work, or find yourself about to “lose your shit.” Take a deep breath, refocus on what is important today, and start over. 

I hope you have a great day…even if you have to have multiple resets. (Trust me, I secretly hope I don’t break my reset button from using it so often!) 


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