Murphy’s Law

If you’re not familiar with Murphy’s Law, then here it is: If anything can go wrong, it will.

This is basically how I felt my entire afternoon went yesterday. The big kids spilled their Valentine’s candy everywhere; the baby repeatedly pulled out the Tupperware after I just put it back in the cabinet; there was screaming when silence was desperately needed; my middle son finally woke up fever-free, but had peed on the couch. There were several mishaps yesterday, but I can’t let those things get in my way today.

Yes, I literally threw my hands in the air in surrender last night as I climbed in bed and called it a day at 8:00pm. Murphy’s Law had won, but I won’t let that mentality carry over into today. 

Today is a brand new day. Although the house is a complete wreck (which happens when you have had sick ones at home from school) and my energy level is dragging this morning, I’m going to work on being the best version of myself today.

I know these are petty little problems of a house wife who needs a day to herself, but these are also some of the exact reasons why I used to reach for the wine in the first place. Things start spiraling out of control, pass the wine. The kids are screaming, pass mama the wine. This house is an absolute mess, pass me the wine…now!

Thankfully, I put myself to bed instead of trying to carry on when I knew I was defeated. Today’s a new day. One day at a time. Yesterday was kind of crappy, but at least I know what I need to work on in myself today! 


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