New Orleans

If you’re from the USA, then you know NOLA as one of the biggest party cities in America. (Maybe people are aware of that outside of the US as well.) 

You also know there’s this little celebration called Mardi Gras right around the corner. “Why is this relevant?” you ask. My husband is by NOLA right now on business. He is surrounded by lots of people ramping up for the big celebration, and that makes me a little nervous.

I’m not nervous that my husband will drink, I’m worried that he’s being led into one of the world’s biggest temptation for an alcoholic and if he’s not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared, he may slip. Do you send a recovering addicted gambler to a conference in Vegas and not worry? I don’t think so…

But it all goes back to purpose. What is his purpose? He’s there on business. He’s there to do his job. He’s not there to go out with the guys he works for happy hour. He’s not there “just to check out what’s going on down there on Bourbon Street.” He’s there for a specific purpose. 

I asked him how it felt being there and being surrounded by these temptations. He said, “Honestly, it doesn’t even phase me. I’ve been there and done that in my life.”

I feel better knowing he’s in a good place right now. I, on the other hand, would probably have to be locked up in my hotel room. Not because I’m tempted to drink, but because I still cringe when I see drunk people being stupid. I think to myself, “That used to be me…”


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