Headed in the Right Direction

Some people who know our story have asked me, “When did you know things were changing for the better?” To be honest, I didn’t. When we were in the thick of everything, I was in a bad place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that all I could do was still point out the bad; the flaws, the missteps, the bad ideas, the bad decisions, or I just kept worrying about the past.

I didn’t realize things were starting to improve in my relationship and our marriage until at least 6 months into recovery. I think at first I was so bitter towards the whole situation that I didn’t want to see anything but the bad. I was almost keeping us in a bad place because I refused to accept we were headed in the right direction.

Thankfully, one day I looked up and I could see in my husband’s face that something changed. Maybe it was him starting to really believe in himself. Maybe it was him regaining that confident spirit I fell love with. Maybe it was because I too had been sober for quite some time and I could fully appreciate our relationship and the amazing things we had in our lives.

Keep looking for signs that things are looking up. Maybe our situations will never be the same, but I believe only you can determine when things are headed in the right direction.


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