Fresh Starts

Some people dread Mondays, but I enjoy the promise of fresh start. I guess it’s not “promised” to be a fresh start, but I feel like I have more hope for opportunities on Mondays. I have that feeling (that I’m sure other people can relate to) of, “If I’m going to start something new, might as well be on a Monday.”

Well, this Monday (today) I’m going to work on being more present in the moment. So often I’m living a day ahead, a week ahead, and sometimes even years down the road. I’m worried about what life will look like when all my kids are in school. I’m looking to the future for what it will be when we make a move for my husband’s job. How will it all work out? Will everything be okay?

These are questions I couldn’t answer even if my best friend was a fortune teller. I have to have faith and just take it one day at a time. My fresh start today will be to only concern myself with what I need to do today to be the absolute best version of myself, be there for my family and friends, and keep doing the daily small things I need to do to achieve my goals.


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