Recently I was part of a conversation about losing a loved one. I personally have not lost a spouse, a child, or a parent, but there have been other significant people in my life who passed away. 

The correlation between losing someone and loving an addict is this: Why do we tend to question God (or your Higher Power) when we go through something really difficult? 

People were sharing about how they just didn’t understand why God would take someone away from us. Why would a great, powerful God take the life of a small child? Why would a mighty God give us hope that she was going to get better, and then take her unexpectedly after the treatment started working? 

These are questions I can’t answer, but I bring them up because I have a theory. God puts us through certain trials in life (addiction or being a loved one of an addict) so that we may help someone the same way God helped us through our times of trouble. I can see how much I learned from the struggles my husband and I have gone through. I definitely questioned God when things seemed pretty hopeless. But I also see how what I’ve gone through has given me the wisdom to comfort someone else going through a similar situation.

I believe we are able to share God through loving one another.  


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