I have a tendency to be greedy. I don’t think I’m alone in this. It is after all a natural human behavior. However, it takes a negative spin when we allow this behavior to take over our daily thoughts, actions, and our lives.

I have been greedy in how I spend my time. I get a few minutes of down time and the first thing I want to do is sit down and play on my phone. I know I’m not alone in this “technology-addicted” society we live in, but I am aware of how this was affecting my relationships. I would tell my kids to “hang on one sec” when they tried talking to me in the middle of reading an email. I got upset when I was interrupted numerous times updating my to-do list on my phone. I have almost completely lost it when I was in deep thought texting back and forth with a close friend and the interruptions just kept coming.

What I failed to realize, at the time of all of these interruptions, was that none of that stuff really mattered. I was being roped into a world of “greed” in a different kind of way. I was still present with my kids. I was an attentive wife to my husband. I was a good friend when I needed to listen someone’s problems at work. But I see now that I was only half present through all of it. I wasn’t 100% devoted to the conversations and the relationships in front of me. I was being greedy with my time and not sharing my time with others, with the people I love. I have sense been more intentional about my relationships and I “put the damn phone down” when I’m around others.

If you look up the opposite of greed, you’ll find the word generosity. I need…well, we all need to show generosity with our time. 


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