I may have talked about this before, or I could have only had this conversation in my head so often I feel like it has taken place elsewhere. There are many “triggers” I have had to deal with as I stopped drinking as well as when my husband quit. 

What do I mean by “triggers”? I mean those emotional surges you get when you go from being a totally rational human being one second to all hell breaking loose internally the next. I’ll give you some of my examples:

  • (My husband to me): I’m just going to call into work today. 
  • Hearing the sound of a gas station bag with a 6-pack of tall boys inside hitting the kitchen counter.
  • My kids screaming out of control inside the house.
  • My parents telling me they’re getting divorced. 
  • Other people drinking like idiots when I have to be the only sober one who drives everyone else around.

These are only a few examples of a LONG list of triggers I have had to not let get under my skin. I still struggle with things that set me off, but at least I have an action plan of how to deal with them now. I take a deep breath, remove myself from the room or situation (if possible), and I don’t come back until I’ve calmed down. Sometimes I can’t escape others’ bad decisions, but I can control how I will react to them.


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