I Ask Every Day…

There are 3 things I ask of my higher power each day: gratitude, patience, and strength. These are some of the simplest concepts yet they can be the toughest to implement in our lives.

I have had to actively practice gratitude by writing down 3 things I’m grateful for every day.  When I stop doing this (which I have on occasion), I lose perspective on the simple things that matter in life. When I wake up irritated and pissed off at the world, I can remember to be grateful I’m alive. Even if everything has gone wrong for the week, I’m alive and I’m here to be with my family. 

Patience is a daily prayer for me! (Sometimes even multiple times a day!) With 3 little kids and lots of emotions flying around all at once, patience is the one thing that has saved my life (and theirs)! I no longer feel as out-of-control as I once did because now I know I need to have patience. “He’s 4 years old. He doesn’t understand why he HAS to do something. Just take a deep breath, and have a little more patience.” 

When it comes to get actually getting through the day, strength is by far the attribute I most lean on. I ask for strength when it all seems to be too much. When everything has fallen apart, when we are all in a bad mood, when I would have broken down and gotten that glass of wine, when I would have continued to drink that entire bottle of wine; it’s in these moments I beg for strength. I don’t just ask. I beg for it because when I’ve reached this point, I feel like it’s the only thing that can save me. I know I can’t save myself.

That last one seems really deep and dark, but sometimes that what life gives us. We have to lean on others (our HP and other people) to get us through those times when we can’t continue on as we have previously.


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